New translation of
The Primitive Documents of the Cistercian Order
by : Chrysogonus Waddell


These translations are part of the forthcoming book "Legislative and Narrative Texts from Early Citeaux: An Edition, Translation, and Commentary" by Chrysogonus Waddell, o.c.s.o. ("Citeaux: commentarii cistercienses"; Collection: Studia et Documenta, vol. VIII, 1998).

Reproduced with permission.

This volume will contain new critical editions, together with translations and commentaries, of a number of important documents from early Citeaux.

The texts will include the Exordium Cistercii, Summa Cartae caritatis, Capitula, Exordium parvum, the two main versions of the Carta Caritatis with the confirmation of Callistus II, and the Instituta. Since it is evident that sound and accurate research must be based on sound and accurate sources, this new collection of documents will prove an essential and indispensable foundation for all scholars working in the field of early Cistercian history and spirituality.

The parts reproduced here are : the Exordium parvum, the Exordium Cistercii and the Carta Caritatis

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