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"Asia listening to the cry of the poor" in: Cistercian Studies 15 (1980), 403-419.

"L'Asie à l'écoute de la clameur des pauvres", in: Vie des Communautés Religieuses 39 (1981), 2·17; aussi dans Bulletin de l'AIM, 1980, nº 29, pp. 7-22.

"The Asian Benedictine Conference at Sri Lanka : Asia Listens to the Clamor of the Poor", AIM Bulletin, 1980, no. 29, 7·22.

Germ. trans.: "Die Monastische Tagung in Kandy (Sri Lanka) August 1980", in Erbe und Auftrag 57 (1981), 292·303.

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The abduction of the seven Trappist monks of Atlas - The unfolding of a tragedy

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The Importance of the Monastic Community and the Church in the Contemplative Life (mostly about the 7 Atlas Brothers)

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The Testimony of the Seven Martyrs of Tibhirine (conference given in Rome on December 5, 2000)

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A Cistercian Synaxis : Cīteaux, March 17-19, 1998

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Review of a recent book on the monks of Tibhirine (Guitton - 2001)


Review of another recent book on the monks of Tibhirine (Kiser - 2002)


La rencontre de l'Autre au coeur de la violence -- Le message des sept moines de Tibhirine (Conférence donnée à l'Université de Louvain, le 8 mars 2004, dans le cadre d'une série de conférences sur " Mystique et politique ")

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The Martyrs of Tibhirine -- Talk given at the International Symposium on Mission and Monasticism, at the Pontifical Athenaeum S. Anselmo, Rome, May 7-9, 2009; published in Mission and Monasticism, edited by Conrad Leyser and Hannah Williams, Analecta Monastica 13 (Studia Anselmiana 158) Roma 2013, 227-229.